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About Us


Sonal Balasuriya Architects & Design Studio was formed by Sonal Balasuriya in June 2017 and is based in Colombo 07. We take on a variety of work and our portfolio is expanding to include a wide variety of building types, project scales and clients throughout the country.

Sonal Balasuriya Architects & Design Studio aims to deliver spaces that have exceptional atmospherics, enabling the user to experience the possibilities of 21st century design and technology while spaces being functional, practical and user-friendly. Inventive, creative, common sense is the basis of all of our work. We are a design led practice and start each project by delving into our clients’ requirements to create something unique from the combination of brief and location/site. Our ideas lead to an architecture that is contextual, evocative, efficient and delightful. Our projects are diverse from contemporary houses surrounded by lush landscapes to listed buildings where the conservation of historic structures is of great importance. These projects have given us considerable experience of working on buildings and landscapes that are unique and require solutions based on the merits of each project and client.

Sonal Balasuriya Architects & Design Studio
No 6, Marina Avenue, Barnes Place,
Colombo 7, Sri Lanka
+94 773871257, +94 773113941
sonalbalasuriya16@gmail.com, mel.boange@gmail.com
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